Sunday, September 21, 2008

Internet Marketing Services On My Mind

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To make a website visible to search engine crawlers several methods collectively called search engine optimization are used. To achieve a position on the first page of search engine results indexes a website should be search engine optimized. Search engine optimization assumes importance on a website because search engines are tools that help visitors obtain information on the internet.

Putting the right keyword in the right place is the secret of good search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is striking a balance in keyword usage on a website ... neither too much nor too little in keeping with the algorithm adjustments of search engines. Search Engine optimization is in effect a marketing procedure.

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Search engine optimization plans should be flexible because keywords and their importance keeps changing by the day and if changes will drive visitor traffic to the website keywords and other search engine optimization techniques should be changed to meet the challenge. Your website is your online identity and search engine optimization helps you showcase you identity to the world through a search engine.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google's filters don't really work well...

Very interestingly, my blog about white hat SEO was somehow flagged by Googles spam bot! How odd indeed, because I have not yet said anything. I guess they just pick up subdomains they don't like.

I am obviously human. I am responding to their email here. If they boot me in the end, that will make for a great story!!!! Great PR!!! :-)