Sunday, January 25, 2009

SEO Keyword Strategies For Sound Web Optimization

I have spent a lot of time, 5 years plus, in the Internet business of Search engine optimization. Over the years I have learned many a tricks some learned some self taught, all of which I plan to share with you on this blog. It is important to understand that an average net user likes to keep it simple and that his search for information is usually hinged on generic terms.Your target audience must be clear. For general audience just a generic keyword would do but for a more specific audience the generic keyword must become a keyword phrase for it to register in the ranking list for that type of audience. For example, if you type Java, it will give out a search result for coffee, programming language et al. Java when targeting programmers would yield better, more focused results if a keyword phrase Java programming was put in. The language of the reader is an important input for example for the English speaking world reading from top left hand corner comes naturally but for an Arabic reader it is from right to left.

Usually, an average reader loses interest after about 250 words. So a good keyword strategy would be to put in the keywords starting from top left hand corner and in the first 250 words.Search engines typically have these parameters as the building blocks. The other parts of written text which find favor with Search Engines are the title, paragraph and sub headings. Search engines also have a preference for bold and italics compared to normally typed words. These are important parameters to factor your SEO keyword strategy. It is a known fact that some keywords are more popular than others but are also being sought more competitively in web page rankings. So it may well be a better strategy to choose lesser popular keywords which may help your website rank higher on a search list. There is a very close similarity between keywords and movie stars. They have a shelf life, their five minutes of stardom. So what was a 'buzzword yesterday may be out of fashion today and thus may not figure in the ranking list of search engines. Some search engines give out a search volume number on hitting a keyword. This is a useful tool in estimating what volumes can be generated by a particular keyword. Old software such as Word Tracker is still useful in finding out which words are mostly being used. These are some of the tips for a good start in the SEO business.

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