Saturday, March 21, 2009

SEO Technolgoy for Ethical SEO

You think your site has no need of SEO technology... because ranking well with the search engines ought to be simple, no? When you examine your site and your competitor's sites side by side, the competitor sites just are not as good! Your website has a better look and feel and higher quality content, so it should be at the top of the rankings. When things are so clear and straightforward, it really is not necessary to work so hard with SEO technology.

Unfortunately, that is simply not the way it works. Even though search engines are smart, they are not smart enough to spot a great website like yours without help. To really rank well with the SE's, you need to go the extra mile. Search engine optimization is a lot more difficult than it may seem at first glance. Which is why many use SEO technology.

Many types of SEO technology are being used online today. And perhaps we should begin by discussing the kind you should avoid: black hat. When shopping for SEO technology and tools for your site, you will undoubtedly be offered black hat SEO technology services. And no matter how attractive an offer may seem, the best thing you can do for your site is run the other way. Black hat SEO will always be detrimental to your site in the long run. Always.

Fortunately, there is plenty of SEO technology that can get you good results while staying on the good side of the search engines. One of these is a webpage analyzer. Webpage analysis SEO technology generally comes in the form of a toolbar or other type of add on, and works to analyze the websites of your biggest competitors. It takes into account things like keywords and keyword density, number of incoming links and where they come from, Alexa ranking, sitemap information, and more.

After using an analyzer to better understand what makes your competitors successful, there is some great SEO technology out there to put this information to good use. This SEO technology includes tools to evaluate on page content, keyword density, and inbound links, as well as help you to organize and track your SEO efforts. The organizational functions of SEO technology are more useful than you may initially imagine, as implementing SEO can be surprisingly complicated. Without a good system, it is all too easy to find yourself overloaded and making mistakes. The right SEO tools will help to both to implement, track, and organize your SEO efforts.

In addition to keywords, etc., some of the most important SEO technology tracks and creates inbound links for your website. This is done by submitting links on your behalf, automating the submission of link building articles, and more. Because the number of inbound links from quality, relevant sites has a huge impact on your ranking at the SERPs, SEO technology tools that help with the link building process can be incredibly effective.

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