Monday, July 13, 2009


Search engine optimization is key to your success if your company does business in the District of Columbia. Washington, D.C. is a competitive city with a sophisticated and international market base, so maximizing the exposure of your business's web site is vital. The key is SEO. DC is a wonderful city to do business in, but you need to be ready.

To keep your competitive edge, you need the help of people who are professionals at search engine optimization (SEO). DC is home to hundreds of firms that are attuned to the local market, as well as to the needs of the national and international markets. Though you could go outside the area to find a company to do your SEO, DC has its own particular culture, and it is best to find people who know that culture inside and out to target your audience correctly. As mass media proliferates and people become more and more sophisticated consumers, they become more sensitive to false notes, so while people who are not from DC could produce web pages that look attractive to both web surfers and search engines, your site's message could be subtly off and might not feel right to DC natives.

The help of experts is also absolutely essential because of the potential pitfalls of using SEO. DC is full of competing companies, all of whom have their own web sites, and all of whom are struggling to climb over you and reach the coveted first page of the search results. Search engines choose the pages they consider the best by running sites through complex algorithms, using math to parse out which pages read the most naturally to human users. They look for pages that seem to be information rich, rather than pages that have been stuffed with keywords by savvy spammers. To outwit spammers, search engines change their algorithms regularly. As a result, even the most useful, beautifully optimized sites may fall into the spam filter when the algorithm changes. Every professional page needs professionals keeping watch on its SEO. DC businesses would love to watch your site tank in the search engines; don't give them the pleasure!

But the best reason to hire professionals to optimize your web page is that you do not have time to spend on SEO. DC social life is fast paced; you have business lunches, business meetings, parties for both business and pleasure. Search engine optimization takes time, needs to be done right, and is essential to your business, but your work also takes time and needs to be done right! Let the experts handle your SEO, while you handle DC.

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