Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Benefits of Becoming an SEO Reseller

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a hot business on the Internet these days. All businesses that utilize an online presence must use some form of SEO in order to get noticed. This is due to Google search's complicated algorithms and the sheer volume of competing businesses out there, so it is no wonder that so much money is to be made by providing this service.

Thinking about how to get into the game? It does not take any SEO jujitsu skills to make money providing this kind of service. An option available to anyone, SEO skills or none, is to become an SEO reseller. Some SEO companies offer SEO resller accounts, often with the option for the reseller to add their own name and branding to the service (known as "private label" reselling). When a customer purchases services from an SEO reseller, the order is sent to the SEO company, which handles the work and charges the reseller. The reseller sets the price and keeps the profit. That is as easy as making money can get.

Web designers, web hosts, programmers, and marketing firms that do not specialize in online marketing, plus others, can all easily benefit from become an SEO reseller. These types of businesses can provide SEO services as "value added" to what they are themselves already offering. There is a benefit, besides getting a cut of what might otherwise become someone else's profits, but your business becomes more of a one stop shop. Customers who find they are saving time will come back to the same company again and again.

Be prepared before getting into the SEO reseller business by doing research in order to find a high quality company. Find an SEO company that compliments your services the best, that allows you to set your own prices, and can be fully integrated with your business. Then again, there may also be benefits to allowing customers to see that you are affiliated with a particular SEO company, if that company is well known for doing good work.

One warning before jumping in: always be sure that in becoming an SEO reseller, you are selling quality services from a quality company. Just as value can be added to an online business by offering resold SEO services, value can be taken away if the customer is unsatisfied. To keep your business's name respected, check out the reputation of a company before signing up with them.

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