Monday, October 5, 2009

Search Engine Optimization. The Internet Mantra

The principle of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is popularly called, is part and parcel of the Internet. We have SEO consultants and experts who advise businesses on how to harness the power of the web with various advertising techniques for their products. SEO is the art and science of using natural or algorithmic search results to target keywords to divert the 'click' of a 'netizen' to a specific website of interest.

Of course to take the role of an SEO expert, you need to be extremely computer savvy. You must possess a deep interest to find out how a particular search engine works and how it arranges hierarchically the recommended websites based on a the search keyword. Understanding that requires the nerd to be conversant with the script of the major search engines providers viz. Google, Yahoo and MSN. You must also carefully follow trade news and the chatter on the 'blogosphere' to find out which company is collaborating with whom.

It is quite common knowledge that companies, big and small, are paying the top search engine providers sufficient revenues to ensure that their product shows up on the top of a 'find' search. The top ten search finds are important because most people tend to click through only the top ten sites ranked on the search result page. Some call it 'unfair trade practices'. The label "Internet Gold Diggers" is sometimes used derisively to describe SEO consultants. Is it reasonable to criticize SEO and SEO consultants? Perhaps this looks to be a query that will go in circles, an open debate this is really.

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