Saturday, January 23, 2010

Introduction To Search Engine Marketing

Among the best tools of internet marketing, one of the best tool is the search engine marketing, a type of internet marketing. The aim of the search engine marketing is to enhance the visibility of the web pages in the SERPs or search engine result pages . For achieving the aim of this marketing, some of the tools applied include search engine optimization or SEO, paid placement and paid inclusion. Search engine marketing has the advantage over the other marketing tools because it is cheaper as compare to other internet marketing tools.

The trend of the Search engine marketing is rapidly increasing because of the advancements in Ecommerce. It is found that billions of dollars are spend on search engine marketing. Moreover, with the passage of time the total money spent on search engine marketing are getting higher than the money spent on the other kinds of marketing. Famous vendors in this category include Microsoft adCentre, Google Adwords and Yahoo search marketing. Therefore, we can say that search engine marketing popularity is purely based on the effectiveness of this internet marketing. There are various strategies which are adopted to check the effectiveness of this marketing like growth in sales.

The emergence of Ecommerce in the mid to late 90s resulted in the demand of the search engine marketing. During the same period the infrastructure of internet developed and number of users also increased. In order to increase the users traffic on their websites the online websites started to develop their business models. In 2000, Google introduced its search engine marketing program. Danny Sullivan introduced the term 'search engine marketing' in the year 2001 and these services include paid placement, development of online strategies and search engine optimization services. The popularity of search engine marketing can be estimated from the fact that in 2007 it emerged as the primary money maker tool for search engines.

The search engine marketing can increase the financial growth and sales of the company therefore, it is the best internet marketing strategy. Some companies are specifically providing consultancy services to the online businesses regarding the application of the tools of the search engine marketing. Along with the various benefits of the search engine marketing there are some problems related with the paid search advertising.

Critiques argue that paid advertising come under the unethical practices because search engine should promote the websites on the basis of the quality of the content and not on the basis of their marketing techniques. There are some rules and regulations which have been introduced to avoid such unethical practices.

Therefore, search engine marketing appears as the cheapest and the most effective internet marketing tools for the online websites and businesses.

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