Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why should I pick an affordable SEO service provider

In this day of recession cost cutting is important equally for online businesses as large scale businesses and affordable SEO service comes as a welcome break for business of all sizes when search engine optimization campaign costs are skyrocketing. A simple Google search for affordable SEO will render close to a million results and it is hard to immediately find one that can be trusted and taken for its word. Most of the affordable SEO companies guarantee the same results as their expensive counterparts. If that were assumed to be true, how do most of the SEO companies charging exorbitant prices justify the same?

There can be two reasons, companies just off the block charge lower than the industry standard pricing and dub it as affordable SEO pricing to attract customers. On the other hand, companies based in India can manage to provide you with top notch SEO at rock bottom prices as they have to bear lower cost of labor and other overheads. Another way to find an affordable SEO service is to look for smaller firms or get together a group of freelancers to meet your requirements. This method is the best way not just to cut down costs but make huge savings on your SEO budget.

There are other benefits of going for an affordable SEO solution as well. For one, you do not have to sign a contract, most companies providing affordable SEO will charge you per project and that too depending on your requirements. Unlike larger firms small firms also describe their procedures and keep you in the loop while they are modifying your website entirely. You also get to learn the basics and can use the knowledge to get a better bargain on the next project which is a huge plus for small and individual businesses.

You might be thinking about what to really expect from an affordable SEO service firm afterall why are they not charging the same even if their operating costs are lower. It is true that everything comes at a price, so does quality and experience. Most of the top firms also charge you for the goodwill that they have in the market, this is same as a reputed law firm charging you higher than a start up. However, there are two factors which would remain the same no matter which firm you hire and how experienced they are: search engine rankings and traffic generation and conversion.

The success of conducting an affordable SEO plan depends critically on the rankings achieved by your webpages in various search engines. Identification of the main keyword and the way it is exploited to get you a rank as high as possible is very important. Many industry specialists also suggest targeting mis spells, plurals and synonym key words in addition to the main keywords of the campaign.

Generating traffic and converting leads into sales is another half a SEO campaign. Only SEO is not enough for a website to compete today, an affordable SEO campaign also monitors the traffic and analyzes the trends to get better results and generate sales. This is another crucial aspect when going for an affordable SEO service and comparing its positives with its expensive counterparts. It is also easier to account and should hold a key in determining what exactly you will be getting from the affordable SEO deal.

A successful SEO campaign will never be a hit and go, it is a work in progress and most websites in the top results have on going SEO campaigns, some round the year. It takes time to get you on the first page of search results and then maintain that position. Just make sure you do not fall for a scam while opting for affordable SEO as some companies may charge a low price for the initial phase and then bill you top dollar for the remaining campaign. It is advised to read the terms of service carefully and ask for specific questions clarifying any doubts on the above.

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